Fan Art

Patrick Shaughnessy of 'Triangle and Robert'!
Jon Morris of 'Jeremy'!
Stephen J. Schwab!
Chris López of 'Dedos'!
Daniel Willingham
Jack Masters

I am tickled to be able to present the FEW and FAR Between Fan Art page! This page was initiated when Mr. Patrick Shaughnessy, of the delightfully delineated Triangle and Robert, kindly and without warning proffered his take on the first Kollumañero you'd expect him to tackle.

Since then, he has been joined by a some other talents of the brush and pixel. I would be more than delighted to entertain further cordial contributions!
Enjoy these ones!

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There's something new all the time. Come back tomorrow!

If you enjoy FEW and FAR Between, I'd love to hear from you!

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