The Quick Rundown:

FEW and FAR Between made its “Web-ut” on March 27, 1995, as a daily strip called the NOO Greak KOLLUM. These gag-oriented strips are re-presented here on a week-by-week basis.

During the first half of 1997, the NOO Greak Kollum existed as the weekly tNGK Simfunnies, full-page, full-color strips that turned out to be a transition from the daily strips of tNGK to the comic book stories of FaFB that came next.

The strip has continued in said comic book format since then, as FEW and FAR Between. Some of those stories are available here, from the list with descriptions to the right. (Other stories have been removed from the Archives, as they are being reprised and reframed with new elements, starting with “Small World”, and continuing in “Copper, Wood, and Crystal” and “Old Neighbors”.)

During the “downtime” between the longer tales, I post single-page “Scenes” which you'll find gathered here.

Visit the Seventh Anniversary Retrospective for a visual encapsulation of FaFB's publishing history:

Treefrog through the years

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Full-Length Stories
(in chronological order according to FaFB “history”):
The three most recently completed FaFB stories, and the one now unfolding, are all stored at, the beautiful new professional Webcomics site! Please visit, please subscribe, please help support FEW and FAR Between!

Shrunken cover Small World (June 25 thru September 24, 2001) (24 pages) The Penguin and the Octopus are swept from their Polar home and thrown into distant corners of the world. Whom do they each meet there?

Shrunken cover Copper, Wood, and Crystal (February 4 thru July 22, 2002) (24 pages) Cardamon Rose and Norman meet strange new faces and forces in the Kollums, while Simon faces losing an old friend. Plus: Merry leaves a lot.

Shrunken cover Old Neighbors (October 21 thru December 30, 2002) (24 pages) In the Desert, two insect-masked guys introduce themselves. A pair of pale sisters reintroduce themselves into the Swamp. And in the Poles, Eleanor tries to introduce herself to the crystal woman.

Shrunken cover Hither and Yon (June 23 thru September 15, 1997) (18 pages) Treefrog goes missing and Cardamon Rose receives varying amounts of help searching for him. Meanwhile, Treefrog is looking for something in the Desert; what he finds is mystery and mayhem..

Shrunken cover an Interlude (August 31 thru September 27, 1998) (8 pages) Calculus explains some things about the sky and the river, and Cardamon Rose is assailed by an aloof assailant..

Shrunken cover an Introduction (June 7 thru August 2, 1999) (16 pages) A rambling tour, courtesy of a baby and its block, through the Desert, the Swamp, and the Poles, where the Few and Far Between reside..

Shrunken cover The Sisters Move In! (March 13 thru June 29, 2000)
(24 pages) Martin, the Exploding Boy, has some housekeeping problems, so to speak. Plus, Gator Mom's original appearance. And a coda in the Poles!

Click here to see the one-page Scenes
from in between the longer stories
(October 2000 through present):

In March 2002, I participated in a 24-Hour Comic event!
Click here for the results:
24 (+ 18) Hour Comic

This Week Seven and Eight Years Ago
(The Dailies and Sundays)
(Weeks of May 1 and 8, 1995)

Sampled panel

(Sundays, May 7 and 14, 1995)

Sampled panel

These strips from 1996 were Tako's original appearance.
They are archived over at and are available there to all subscribers.
(Week of May 6, 1996)

Sampled panel

(Sunday, May 12, 1996)

Sampled panel

tNGK Simfunnies of 1997

From January 6 through June 22 of 1997,
the NOO Greak Kollum existed as the weekly
tNGK Simfunnies, full-page, full-color strips
that tried to weave a couple of themes and colors
across a twenty-panel grid. I don't think I realized it
at the time, but it was a transition
from the daily strips of tNGK
to the comic book stories of FaFB.

Sampled panel

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