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Liza All the latest tales of the Few and Far Between are hosted at is one of the coolio comics sites from the Modern Tales family of subscription-based Webcomics sites. The three most recently-completed FaFB stories, and the new one now unfolding—plus lots of other tidbits—are all stored at

The most recent installment is always free, but subscribe, and you'll have unlimited access to the archives. (When you sign up, if you tell them FEW and FAR Between is the reason, FEW and FAR Between gets extra credit!)

Right now, we're re-presenting
the tNGK Simfinnies of 1997.

Click here for the latest:
(March 29)
Snapshot from this week's episode
From Mar. 30, 1997: Searching High and Low

    Completed Stories:
      • FaFB 1: “Small World”
      • FaFB 2: “Copper, Wood, and Crystal”
      • FaFB 3: “Old Neighbors”

    On Hiatus:
      • FaFB 4: “Tako Island”

FaFB “continuity” was restarted with “Small World”. The strips and stories you'll find in the Archives here at the homesite were all written and drawn before “Small World”, but I've left them up out of reader interest. Chronologically, those remaining stories take place after FaFB 1-3. (And FaFB 4 takes place after everything.)

from bottom to top: the Swamp, the Desert, and the Poles

Welcome to FEW and FAR Between,
comics about three crowds
of colorful characters

and the lands they inhabit..

I'm doing the art on a whole new comics project
in addition to FEW and FAR Between: a Chipmunk and a Lizard!

Where a chipmunk and a lizard sit on a rock and talk

It's a daily, four-panel strip,
and quite different from FaFB,
but I'm pretty sure you'll like it, too.
Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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